Tuesday, May 19, 2009


'ON a cold Christmas day, late in the evening, in one of the wards of the army hospital in the outskirts of Delhi, two women were bringing two lives into this world. Neither of them knew what was in store for their respective child. Neither of them knew what these 2 were going to grow up to be. Finally, the pain was over and the cries of 2 babies could be heard. Two beautiful daughters! When one of the mothers' was told that she delivered a daughter, she did not want to believe it. Her family would kill her! She refused to even see her daughter! The Doctor then asked the other Mother, in a frustrated tone, "Did you want a daughter, or did you want a son?" "I want a daughter", she replied. And a lovely daughter was who she got.

25 days later, she flew to Hyderabad along with her family, and settled there. The couple's Daughter was the jewel of the entire family. Afterall, she was the first child of the entire clan. Everyone loved her so very much. She got all the attention, all the gifts, and was the sole dream of her parents. 5 years passed and she was taught so many things. At the age of just four & a half, she knew how to swim, dance, was a good runner, good reciter of Tagore's poems. So when she was in upper kindergarten, her parents gifted her a baby brother! She was so excited. She would treat him like a doll.She would put make-up on his chubby little face, would make him wear all her hair-bands, put shaving cream on his face...... A few years went by like this. When she was in second grade, at the age of 7, her parents decided to move into a new house. A nice apartment in a posh locality. And that's where the roller-coaster of a journey began........

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LiTtLe-ScReW said...

hmm... this one is brewing.... :) ... I can't believe that you tortured your little bro so much...!!
hehe...i'm eagerly waiting for the roller coaster to continue !!