Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By Sunayana Sen.

What is it that we see from our windows? Extremely tall skyscrapers, roads jam packed with vehicles, 2 or 3 trees, etc… it‟s the same view from a house in U.S.A, from a house in Russia, from a house in Ukraine. Nothing different. But these are countries that are miles away from each other. But the same view.

What is Finestra?

Finestra in Italian means “window”. AIESEC, through "Finestra‟, is going to show you the view from inside your window‟. It is a unique way of spreading awareness about GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming, unlike any other social issue, is an issue faced by every single living being on this planet. Be it an animal or a human or even a non-living entity such as a lake or a river, we are all facing the inconvenient truth that we are more than happy to ignore. And the truth is- global warming is happening! And it‟s taking away with it parts of our world! It is very easy to sit in the comfort of our secure home (is it really secure?), and read about the disastrous effects of global warming that are happening in different parts of the world as we speak. It's an issue that has been ignored for way too long now. Remember the devastating "Hurricane Katrina‟, the haunting "Tsunami‟ and closer home, the unforgettable "Mumbai rains‟? Did you know that, when the island of Greenland melts- and be sure it is happening – the water levels in the oceans will rise by 20%, thereby making an unbelievable number of cities across the globe perish? Who knows, our city might just be one of the many. 2005 was recorded as the hottest year in the century. Did you know that Andhra Pradesh had been recorded as one of the hottest states in world during that summer? The heat waves claimed more than 14,000 lives in the state that year.

All these are the appalling effects of global warming.

This play brings together people from different countries, speaking different languages, following different cultures, worshiping different Gods even, but with only one similarity- the threat of global warming. 10 diverse internationals will portray the state of their countries, of what was and what will be. And what WE as the youth of today, are doing to affect this scenario.
We in AIESEC don‟t see Earth as a planet with 195 countries. For AIESEC, Earth is ONE world which is facing ONE common threat- GLOBAL WARMING. All the 195 countries in the world face the same problems. Therefore, the need of the hour is awareness of the causes & consequences of global warming & the methods to delay its effects.

Finestra Is a unique and entertaining way of subtly putting across the point, that we have no time to waste in the wake of global warming. This is OUR future that we are destroying. It is the human instinct of survival that should make us find ways to sustain ourselves and our surroundings.

Do you really want to leave your children or grandchildren in a place that‟s devoid of plants, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, snow-capped mountains, non- polluted oxygen? Lets all unite against this common terrorist called global warming, so that at least we might be able to prevent permanent devastation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love - Sense & Simplicity

Have you read Eric Segal's 'Love Story'? Its' considered to be one of the most romantic books ever written. Not because the heroine is in danger & the hero saves her or the usual filmy, dramatic story. It was extremely simple, just describing this realistic couple's love for each other & their journey together called, Life.

Are the most perfect love stories the most simple? I think yes, it is.


What is it?

1 simple word

1 simple feeling

Yet, we complicate it.

This is a phenomenon I've been noticing for quite some time now. When a person likes someone, they will NEVER tell him/her. He/she will tell his/her's friends, hoping the news will reach the concerned person, they will in turn tell the other's friends, who in turn will tell other friends & FINALLY(thank God there's a finally!), the concerned boy/girl will get to know.

Why such complication ya???

Just go tell the guy/girl straight to his/her face that you like him/her. "I think I'm in love with you". SIMPLE.

I find it ridiculous that people are afraid of confessing such an important feeling. If you do ever feel it, treasure it. Coz, not everybody is lucky enough to feel Love. To not feel love for anybody or anything, to not have someone to love, is the most horrible curse anybody will ever have.

Love is a sensation that makes life beautiful. It makes your troubles go away. It makes you concentrate only on the positives in the world. It gives you the feeling of being on top of the world. I dont understand why people have to do drugs to have all the above feelings, when there is a intoxication called love?

When do people fall in love? Specifically, at what age?

Do you think there is an average age when people fall in love?

I dont know. I think, Love is something that just happens, Without you realizing it. Without you planning it. I used to say, how can you fall in love at this age? Today, I contradict myself.

When I sit by myself and look inside me, I realize that I'm holding myself. I'm holding myself really tight. And i'm sure it's the same with you. LET GO. Dont hold yourself. Feel uncaged, feel free......

That's when you will feel love.

Sunayana Sen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


'ON a cold Christmas day, late in the evening, in one of the wards of the army hospital in the outskirts of Delhi, two women were bringing two lives into this world. Neither of them knew what was in store for their respective child. Neither of them knew what these 2 were going to grow up to be. Finally, the pain was over and the cries of 2 babies could be heard. Two beautiful daughters! When one of the mothers' was told that she delivered a daughter, she did not want to believe it. Her family would kill her! She refused to even see her daughter! The Doctor then asked the other Mother, in a frustrated tone, "Did you want a daughter, or did you want a son?" "I want a daughter", she replied. And a lovely daughter was who she got.

25 days later, she flew to Hyderabad along with her family, and settled there. The couple's Daughter was the jewel of the entire family. Afterall, she was the first child of the entire clan. Everyone loved her so very much. She got all the attention, all the gifts, and was the sole dream of her parents. 5 years passed and she was taught so many things. At the age of just four & a half, she knew how to swim, dance, was a good runner, good reciter of Tagore's poems. So when she was in upper kindergarten, her parents gifted her a baby brother! She was so excited. She would treat him like a doll.She would put make-up on his chubby little face, would make him wear all her hair-bands, put shaving cream on his face...... A few years went by like this. When she was in second grade, at the age of 7, her parents decided to move into a new house. A nice apartment in a posh locality. And that's where the roller-coaster of a journey began........

Monday, May 18, 2009


I don't know what to say.

I am at complete loss of words. There's so much that I want to say, I need to say, but I don't know a serene way to say it. The turbulence inside me feels as though it might engulf me into nothing-ness. My insides are at war. I don't want to see. I don't want to hear. I don't want to read. I don't want to feel. I don't want to
think. I don't want to dream. Maybe nothing-ness is the best.

With each passing day, i think my wall is getting higher and higher. Yes, it has gotten higher since the last time I checked. I should probably adorn the wall with a creeper of thorns.

I want to go. I want to go away, and take my wall along. I want to take a boat and sail into the horizon. Maybe sail past the horizon. I want to sit on the rocks and watch the fish, laughing & smiling and always moving together. But I must be careful not to look at the coast, because the fisherman is taking them away. Where is he taking them? Should I help the fish? Maybe not. Last time I tried to help, I got bit by a shark. I think I should move on. Must continue my pursuit. Forget about the fish. I need to save myself from the fisherman. Wait, what is happening? There's water on the floor of my boat. I feel the ocean taking me in.......... My boat is sinking. It has become too heavy with the weight of my conscience. Maybe this is good. The ocean will wipe out everything.......... I can start afresh!

I dont remember anything. Why dont I remember anything?! Maybe the memory is too painful. It pricks. It's picking me. Wait, something is pricking me! The creeper of thorns on the wall is pricking me! But I dont remember building a wall...... Why did I build the wall? Did I build it in the first place? Now I cannot get out of it. I move an inch and the thorns prick me. Ouch! Stop pricking me! It's pricking my heart....Oh my god, the thorn has pierced my heart....I can see blood.....I cannot even move my hand to remove the thorn from my heart......Somebody help me!!!! I can feel something oozing out along with my blood..... Somebody help me!!!! WHY WONT ANYBODY HELP ME???!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to look down, and I see my life oozing out along with my blood. I can feel.......

Sunayana Sen

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

magically Practical

"..... He asked them what they missed most from their old life, as he wanted to bring back a present for each.

The first sister asked for rich gowns, since her closet now held only rags. The second sister asked for a coach and four horses, as she was now forced to ride upon a donkey. But Beauty asked only for a rose, since the garden was now taken up with cabbages."

Remember the joy you used to feel when reading a fairytale as a child? I don't remember which one of the numerous ones i read, was my favorite. I remember, i had 4 copies of Cinderella! And in each one of them the dresses were different, the Prince looked different!

Somebody please remind me why we don't read fairytale s anymore?
Because we are 'grown up' now?
Because we are more logical?

Let's lay the road from fairytale to modern reality........

The modern day Rapunzel gets her hair styled at Haakim's Aalim. Today, Cinderella's pumpkin chariot is nothing less than a BMW. Snow White wants to have a dusky complexion. The Princess will now never look at the Frog, for it is far too ugly..........

........ The Princess does not need to marry a Prince anymore to be called the Queen. The Princess MAKES her own kingdom and employs other princes. That's the power of reality Princesses!!

Can Beauty survive with Beast ?

I've always wondered why all the Princes of every fairytale is called Prince Charming. Modern day Princes are nowhere close to 'charming'. How many dates do you know of that have been 'magical' ? My idea of a magical date has the Prince riding a beautiful white horse, wearing a spotless, elegant suit with a bunch of the most exquisite and exotic flowers i have ever seen, and not the boring old roses. (Actually, how many guys make the effort to find out what flowers you like? I hate roses but i always end up getting roses!) Then the dinner! It need not be in the best restaurant or the most expensive one. High on the hill, with sweet smelling candles, having the dishes that i love, on a full moon night. That's all :)

But what do guys think of? The part after dinner!

I have a theory. If you're looking at guys, you should never look at a hot guy. Coz all hot guys are either creeps or they happen to be gay.

".........He had heard, too, from his grandfather, that many kings, sons had already come, and had tried to get through the thorny hedge, but they had remained sticking fast in it, and had died a pitiful death.

Then the youth said, "I am not afraid, I will go and see the beautiful Briar Rose." The good old man might dissuade him as he would, he did not listen to his words."

The Princes today don't know the meaning of true love. Does anybody? The 'Prince Charming' gifts his Princess a divorce on their 20th wedding anniversary after vowing to be together " .....though sickness and health....."

Not such a fairytale afterall ha?

What about the evil characters? What about the step sisters? What about the witch who wanted to eat Hansel & Gretel? Do they exist in our lives? Who could the evil characters be? Probably the friend who's trying to steal your boyfriend. Probably the aunt who's bitching about you. Probably you yourself.

I believe there is a fairytale in each one of us. I believe there is a lot we can learn from fairytale s, if we just believe in them. If we just pay our childhood another visit.........

Each of us fantasizes. We fantasize about having the perfect relationship with our parents. About having the perfect dress to wear for the first date. About the 'Prince Charming' who will whisk you away with just a smile. About the girl who will be your 'Rapunzel' and let her hair down for you to climb. About the Princess who will kiss you and turn you into a Prince.

Do these fairytale s come true?
What is yours?

It's for you to find out.......... Go live your fairytale........ :)

"Don't die! Don't die! I'll marry you . . ." At these words, a miracle took place. The Beast's ugly snout turned magically into the face of a handsome young man.

"How I've been longing for this moment!" he said. "I was suffering in silence, and couldn't tell my frightful secret. An evil witch turned me into a monster and only the love of a maiden willing to accept me as I was, could transform me back into my real self. My dearest! I'll be so happy if you'll marry me."

The wedding took place shortly after and, from that day on, the young Prince would have nothing but roses in his gardens. And that's why, to this day, the castle is known as the Castle of the Rose.

Sunayana Sen