Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By Sunayana Sen.

What is it that we see from our windows? Extremely tall skyscrapers, roads jam packed with vehicles, 2 or 3 trees, etc… it‟s the same view from a house in U.S.A, from a house in Russia, from a house in Ukraine. Nothing different. But these are countries that are miles away from each other. But the same view.

What is Finestra?

Finestra in Italian means “window”. AIESEC, through "Finestra‟, is going to show you the view from inside your window‟. It is a unique way of spreading awareness about GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming, unlike any other social issue, is an issue faced by every single living being on this planet. Be it an animal or a human or even a non-living entity such as a lake or a river, we are all facing the inconvenient truth that we are more than happy to ignore. And the truth is- global warming is happening! And it‟s taking away with it parts of our world! It is very easy to sit in the comfort of our secure home (is it really secure?), and read about the disastrous effects of global warming that are happening in different parts of the world as we speak. It's an issue that has been ignored for way too long now. Remember the devastating "Hurricane Katrina‟, the haunting "Tsunami‟ and closer home, the unforgettable "Mumbai rains‟? Did you know that, when the island of Greenland melts- and be sure it is happening – the water levels in the oceans will rise by 20%, thereby making an unbelievable number of cities across the globe perish? Who knows, our city might just be one of the many. 2005 was recorded as the hottest year in the century. Did you know that Andhra Pradesh had been recorded as one of the hottest states in world during that summer? The heat waves claimed more than 14,000 lives in the state that year.

All these are the appalling effects of global warming.

This play brings together people from different countries, speaking different languages, following different cultures, worshiping different Gods even, but with only one similarity- the threat of global warming. 10 diverse internationals will portray the state of their countries, of what was and what will be. And what WE as the youth of today, are doing to affect this scenario.
We in AIESEC don‟t see Earth as a planet with 195 countries. For AIESEC, Earth is ONE world which is facing ONE common threat- GLOBAL WARMING. All the 195 countries in the world face the same problems. Therefore, the need of the hour is awareness of the causes & consequences of global warming & the methods to delay its effects.

Finestra Is a unique and entertaining way of subtly putting across the point, that we have no time to waste in the wake of global warming. This is OUR future that we are destroying. It is the human instinct of survival that should make us find ways to sustain ourselves and our surroundings.

Do you really want to leave your children or grandchildren in a place that‟s devoid of plants, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, snow-capped mountains, non- polluted oxygen? Lets all unite against this common terrorist called global warming, so that at least we might be able to prevent permanent devastation.

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