Thursday, June 21, 2007

ban on hair!!

ban on hair?howz dat possible?
thats wat u mistve tht wen u read the title..well,thats not xactly how it sounds,bt almost on da same lines.i ad a fringe since april.our skool's VP had seeme a million times like dat bt never said anything.but now wen its june-2 months since april-she rants about chopping it off if i dont do anything about it!
here its important dat i tell u sumthing abt m skool.i joined dis place last year & in dat 1 year da management has banned loads of things.u cnt even count dem on ur fingers.
for example,they banned chocolates...CHOCOLATES!!!they will CONFISCATE it if anybody dares to bring it to skool.they hav also banned da science students from talkin to da commerce students.these r just to begin wid.there r so many more.altho these r moratorium,dey r xtremly pissing off....
now get a load of this.he students of r skool r banned frm using da word-ya,in lame is dat..oh ya n da PUNISHMENT 4 dat is-a nore will bwritten in r diaries n r parents will hav to sign it!ya like r parents care.they r stealing us of r individuality...wats next-ban on laughing????
all dis loooks like a portent of a rebellious future 4 da skool.byt y do i catre.iv got only another 5 months left in dis hell hole!!!yuppeeeeeeeee


chiquita said...

yeah!!!finally i get to read ur blog!!!phew!!!

good work!!keep it going!!you wld wanna rite more!!



N!ghtCr@wleR said...

hahaha beeped school life
nt the 1st
every1 doesnt roll in a bed of roses
\m/ disturbed stranger \m/