Sunday, February 3, 2008

jack of all trades,master at none

ever felt like you're not like others??i all times.i can't think like others do and even though i'm happy about it, it sometimes aggravates me.but that's only because nobody really understands what i i was growing up, my parents enrolled me for a number of classes and taught me alot things.i was taught skating,swimming,dancing,singing,various sports, basically i have alot of talents.but i'm not happy.u ask why.well that's because i dont want to be jack-of-all-trades-and-king-at-none.i'd rather be good at 1 thing and make it big in that, than just let all of this be only a part of my chidhood.
just the other day when i was thinking about the last days of my school life, i realised that i was'nt content with my life at the moment, i'm just like everybody else.a drop in the ocean.i want to make it big in that i do'nt mean ambani rich types,i just want everybody to know my name.i dont want to have a life where i go to a good college,then get a good job,get married and have kids and etc...i dont want to have a boring life.20 yrs from now when i have kids,i want them to be immensely proud of me.but for that to happen i've got to be proud of myself..............

keep reading about it in my next blog.......oh and give this topic a thought for yourself.....

sunayana sen


N!ghtCr@wleR said...

miss sen....the disturbed stranger
hmm i aint comenting cuz ur a gal...i bet thats wht ur thinking
im juz jobless and love 2 read others stuff
well i gav it a thought
i am beepin weird person 2 b honest
hmmm all i wanna do is travel the world and paint read and write
and hav a trailor house in the bahamas or goa near some beach and walk around with no slippers
and btw EVERY1 iS DIFFERENT in there differnet ways
ur not another drop in the ocean
but u kan divide ppl in 2 catag
hmm god wanted and unwanted
disturbed stranger
ps check out ma blog...hmmm i write sad love poems
which im sick of now

sunayana sen said...

hey i really appreciate u reading my blogs!! infact this post i wrote LONG back and then sort of 'lost touch' wid writing.

but now wen i think abt it, im definitely different from others, yet not too different.....its actually VERY confusing!!

but thanks anyway.... :)

N!ghtCr@wleR said...

"kannil oru valli irundhal kanawugal varuwadhilai...ullathil ranam irundhal urawugal malarwadhilai"

dnt hav any maybs :P
ps continue writing
its like geting rid of the dirt in ur mind
im taking a break from writing cuz ive lost my "thing tht makes me write"
sumthyn like the star in the nite sky
which guided me
cheers gal
and worries....
dnt hav any maybs :P