Sunday, July 13, 2008

'where two roads diverge.....'

where two roads diverge, or rather where 7 roads diverge.......
its finally time to let go of my friends who were the closest to me, yet i am not ready to. a few months back i was soo excited abt college and scaling the 'unchartered territories'. but today, when all of us part ways, its just heart-breaking to kno dat i might just not see these pple again. its been 2 wonderful years with them and its amazing how i got soo attached to them.

after being able to talk to dem abt everything, rite from the nuke deal to victoria's secret undies, i feel bottled up coz i dont think i can ever hav dat comfort wid anyone else. im sure werever my friends go they'll love it der & make pple fall in love wid dem too.
today my mom got a call from her old bball team mate, after 20 yrs.!! and u shloud've heard the joy in her voice...i cudnt help but imagine us like dat, 20 or 30 yrs down da line.its been da most fun 2 yrs of my life and i thank solely my friends for dat. had they not been der to catch me whenever i fell, i probably wud've turned out like da rest(which is da worst thing that can happen btw)................

the little little joys that we shared, the few tears dat we all shed, the few ups & downs that we all went through brought us closer. and now da realisation dat we have only these 'memories' to accompany us on our seperate journeys, brings emotions dat we never experienced before. sitting in the dark and crying every single day and hoping, & praying dat these days wud last just a lil longer, is all i do now.

this excrutiating phase of us parting ways, makes me realise how important each of dem are to me & even tho i will make friends werever i go, its impossible to imagine life widout them.

this is a thank you for aahana, sneha, kk, mrinmayee, ashwati, varun, kamala & medha for being wid me, and eachother, and making life most memorable wen i thought it was impossible.
i wish all of you guys da very best for your future and hope dat sumday in future, our roads might converge & bring us together again..........


chiquita said...

id miss you tooa dn all the very best!!

but just so you know you havent got rid of me and my super weird scenarios!![;)]!!

tc and ya stay in touch!

keep blogging!!


medha said...

woman, didn't know u would get sooo senti!! anyway...there is no way this is the end of our friendship...i'm sure we'll still stick to each other...don't worry

heightened.senses said...

listen up..whatever happens man we will stay in touch ? im just kinda busy here thats all. write me mails...good post! never heard that much emotion in ure writing!
peace and love