Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bucket List

Lately I've been thinking about what are those things I want to do/experience before I die and here are what I could think of as of today when I'm 20 yrs and 336 days old. I'm sure this list will be built upon as I keep checking these ones off.
  1. Run off a cliff into the ocean
  2. Sky diving
  3. Scuba diving/snorkeling 
  4. Visit Greece, Pakistan, Cape of Good Hope, Prague, Newzealand, Brazil, Cuba, China, Istanbul, Spain, Germany, Helsinki, Ireland, and a whole lot of other places  
  5. Weigh at least 54 kgs at some point
  6. Make my family act according to what makes them happy instead of what society 'accepts'
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Own a Dodge Viper

9.  Buy a dilapidated small palace and restore it to be my house

10.  Get some answers about rebirth & what I was in my past life
11. Deeply impact someone's life
12. Save/stop at least one kid from being raped/killed/sold/thrown into human trafficking/married off to someone 50 yrs older
13. A healthy library at home

14. Never let go of sports
15. Have all of this with someone who loves me
16. Have no regrets when I'm on my deathbed

Veni, Vidi, Vici| I came, I saw, I conquered

Sunayana Sen 


John said...

Hello Su, nice list! My bucket's got a hole in it, so my list just gets longer and longer. Nice site, my suck, but I'm a newbie to all this. I was told to do a website and blog to promote my writing. Oh well, the blot is at least a lot of fun. //John

Sunayana Sen said...

Hey John! Thanks for the appreciation! Give me a link to your blog; would love to read it. And writing just gets better with practice is what I've been told so keep writing. You will keep getting better.

John said...

Here you go Su, so surprised that electrons can cross the divide between our continents.
the blog is at and my website is at
Are you a writer too? //John

John said...

Thanks for the follow Su. I'd like to reciprocate, but I can't find the way to follow your blog on your site. There must be some button to do this somewhere. Can you help me out? I've started a short, short story on my blog, No time for tears, an impromptu, unplanned story that I don't know yet know how to end. Just fun.

Sunayana Sen said...

I'm unsure as to why there's no 'follow' option on my blog. I will write to the team & figure it out soon. I saw the update on your blog & plan to read it once the work day is done. Short stories is the best thing to read online according to me so I'm looking forward to your post.