Friday, December 2, 2011

Zindagi mein risk nahi liya tho kya kiya

Zindagi mein risk nahi liya tho kya kiya - Satwik Shukla
 This was the most random statement made in my team meeting today but ended up becoming our team's tag line by the end of the meeting! But this was the 'moment' of the day for me when my spirit got reenergized again. In summer of 2009, when I was in college & part of various extra-curricular organizations, my leader said to a bunch of ~20 youngsters who had just become leaders: "My biggest regrets in life are the risks not taken." And boy did that statement have a profound effect on me. Since then on every time I was at crossroads trying to make the most profitable trade-off, I would think of that statement & make a quick decision. That's how I developed the decisiveness skill I pride myself on. This was also what I said to myself when my ex asked me out. Of course now he's my 'ex' but that doesn't diminish the power of that statement :)

Just for giving me the guiding philosophy of my life, Akhil Reddy, I hope you're blessed with 10x Karma. If I'm on my deathbed & don't regret anything, I hope you know that I took the most important risks.

Sunayana Sen          

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